KBPack for QNAP TS-101/TS-201 Y.C. Ken Chen

KBPack a package for installing pre-compiled utilities, libraries, services, etc. and extending some functionality on QNAP TS-101/TS-201. KBPack contains a Web UI to manage the services/functions (see below) supported by itself.

Function/Service Supported:

    Apache HTTPd
    - Max Connections limitation
    - Bandwidth limitation
    MySQL (need MySQL Pack v0.3.4 or higher installed)
    - Enable/Disable TCP/IP Networking
    - Set Port Number
    - Change root Password
    MTA (Message Transfer Agent, sendmail like utility - using sSMTP)
    - Support PHP mail() function
    - Set SMTP Server Name
    - SMTP Authentication
    - Send Test Message

How to install: *

  1. Upload KBPack tar file to a share folder (e.g. /share/KBPack) via SAMBA/FTP.
    Here, using the user ID, administrator to access the share folder is recommanded.
  2. Login in your TS-101/TS-201 via Telnet
    TS-101 Firmware Telnet Version can be downloaded on http://www.qnap.com.tw/download.asp
  3. Use tar to unpack/extract KBPack-v0.1.tar.
    # cd /share/KBPack
    # tar -xf ./KBPack-v0.1.tar
    After executing the preceding commands, you can find a folder named KBPack in /share/KBPack.
  4. Run install.sh to install KBPack
    # cd KBPack
    # ./install.sh
  5. Use KBPack with your browser (Firefox or IE)
    http://IP_OF_YOUR_NAS_SERVER:6000/KBPack/ or http://IP_OF_YOUR_NAS_SERVER:6000/cgi-bin/KBPack/

    Please disable Recycle Bin before installing KBPack.

How to un-install:

  1. Login in your TS-101/TS-201 via Telnet
  2. Run uninstall.sh to un-install KBPack
    # cd /share/KBPack/KBPack
    # ./uninstall.sh


The latest version:

Version Tar file Date
Ver 0.1 KBPack-v0.1.tar (280KB) 2007-Jul-08

For further information
- About the author
- Email: yckenchen@gmail.com

Last Update: 2007-Jul-08

Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 2.5 Taiwan License.