MySQL Pack for QNAP TS-101/TS-201 Y.C. Ken Chen

The MySQL Pack is for installing MySQL on the QNAP NAS server, TS-101/TS-201. It contains a pre-compiled MySQL server and install programs. The php module supporting MySQL client will be also included if it's necessary. The Pack also contains simple webpages for start/stop mysql.

How to install (Version 0.3 or higher): *

  1. Create a share folder named MySQL.
    You may directly create Network Shares named MySQL on TS-101 Administration page.
    Please make sure both the real folder name and share volume name be MySQL.
  2. Upload MySQL-Pack-TS-101-v0.3.4.tar to the share folder created in the step 1. via SAMBA.
    Here, using administrator to access the share folder is recommanded.
  3. Login in your TS-101 via Telnet.
    TS-101 Firmware Telnet Version can be downloaded on
  4. Use tar to unpack/extract MySQL-Pack-TS-101-v0.3.4.tar.
    > tar -xf /share/MySQL/MySQL-Pack-TS-101-v0.3.4.tar -C /share/MySQL
  5. Run to install MySQL
    > /share/MySQL/ /share/MySQL/mysql-5.0.37-TS-101.tgz /share/MySQL
  6. Run to start MySQL
    > /usr/local/mysql/ start
  7. Try to connect MySQL
    If you could connect MySQL with the following command, it means that your MySQL works.
    > /usr/local/mysql/bin/mysql mysql -u root --password=admin
    Input "quit" to exit mysql:
    mysql> quit
  8. After installation finished, MySQL will automatically start while booting.
    You may also run to re-initialize MySQL Pack. won't remove the existed MySQL Pack and your database.
    > /share/MySQL/ /share/MySQL
  9. Use Web UI to start/stop MySQL(login as administrator):
    http://IP_OF_YOUR_NAS_SERVER:6000/MySQL/ or http://IP_OF_YOUR_NAS_SERVER:6000/cgi-bin/MySQL/mysql.cgi

    Please disable Recycle Bin before installing MySQL Pack.

How to upgrade:

Assume that the MySQL Pack (version 0.3.1 or higher) was installed in /share/MySQL

- MySQL Server:
  1. Stop MySQL
    > /usr/local/mysql/ stop
  2. Back your existed MySQL database. Here, You may rename mysqldb folder, or back up it to another share volume.
    > mv /share/MySQL/mysqldb /share/MySQL/mysqldb_backup
  3. Un-install the existed MySQL Pack
    > / -A /share/MySQL
  4. Restart the system
    > reboot
  5. Follow step 2-4 in Section "How to install" to reinstall MySQL Pack
  6. Restore MySQL database
    > mv /share/MySQL/mysqldb_backup /share/MySQL/mysqldb
  7. Follow step 5-7 in Section "How to install" to start/test MySQL

To upgrade/downgrade MySQL Pack won't do anything on the database, mysqldb.

- PHP:

You may upgrade PHP with the following command if MySQL Pack v0.3.1 had been installed.
> /share/MySQL/ /share/MySQL/libphp.tgz /share/MySQL

How to un-install:

Remove the installed MySQL Pack.

  1. Type ./ to see the Usage.
  2. e.g.
    > ./ (see Usage)
    > ./ -F (remove MySQL Pack related scripts in Flash)

After MySQL Pack was un-installed, please restart your system.


Other Information:

TurobStation KBPack provides some further functionality (Web UI) of MySQL Pack.

The latest version:

Version Tar file Date MySQL Version
Ver 0.3.4 MySQL-Pack-TS-101-v0.3.4.tar  (12.2MB) 2007-Jun-24 5.0.37

Older version:

Version Tar file Date MySQL Version
Ver 0.3.3 MySQL-Pack-TS-101-v0.3.3.tar 2007-May-19 5.0.37
Ver 0.3.2 MySQL-Pack-TS-101-v0.3.2.tar 2007-May-19 5.0.37
Ver 0.3.1 MySQL-Pack-TS-101-v0.3.1.tar  (10.1MB) 2007-Apr-25 5.0.37
Ver 0.3 MySQL-Pack-TS-101-v0.3.tar 2007-Apr-17 5.0.37
Ver 0.2 mysql-4.1.21-TS-101-v0.2.tar  (10.8MB) 2007-Apr-11 4.1.21
Ver 0.1 mysql-4.1.21-TS-101-v0.1.tar 2007-Apr-06 4.1.21

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